Working closely with the client, I create a musical landscape for the event that is tailored specifically to their needs. With 20 years of experience as a DJ and musicologist, I am able to work within virtually any genre. I never play the same set twice, drawing mainly from an eclectic mix of Disco, Rock, Electro, and Hip Hop. In a club, wedding or other dance environment, I start with the client's requests and constantly read the crowd, bringing to the party an element of improvisation which leads to unexpected, exciting results. For the more lounge style, cocktail affair, I create a mood that is conducive to human communion, using jazz, soul, latin, rock, lounge, and mellow house music, or tailor the set to the specific theme of the evening. My goal is to elevate the vibe, making the music accessible to all, without offending the discerning ear.

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Or call: 323 445 7744